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Your Backbone to a Better Back-Office

Paperbox Digital Mailroom is the easiest and most scalable solution for insurance teams handling large volumes of admin tasks and paperwork.

Stop putting customers on hold.

Reject the norm of "slowness" in insurance.

is the easiest and most scalable solution for insurance teams handling large volumes of admin tasks and paperwork.

Lasting Impact for All Stakeholders

Experience The Paperbox Effect: Achieve more, waste less, and drive success where it's felt by all members of your organization.

Management & Leadership

Frictionless first step to the cloud Scalable automation as you expand Cost savings through efficiency gains

Admin & Back-Office Team

Reduce manual workload to 30% Devote 70% of freed-up time for customer contact Enjoy better job satisfaction by eliminating most repetitive tasks

Underwriters & Advisors

Gain better structure via centralized task locations No more document ping-pong More focus time to provide customer service

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Acceleration

Skip the hassle of big changes when implementing new software. No more complex training necessary or long downtime before going live.

System 1

A layer that simply integrates into any step of your workflow.

System 3
System 4

Don't take our word for it

From efficiency gains to lower costs, better customer service to scalable implementation, Paperbox's impact is felt throughout their organizations.

Paperbox differentiates itself in the OCR solutions market through speed, flexibility and scalability. Certainly the latter is important to us in rolling out Paperbox across multiple offices.

Michiel Van Hove CTO, Hillewaere Groep

Working with Paperbox, our central admin team can achieve much more with less. They feel empowered and more in control. That means we can better handle an increasing volume of business, with less mistakes.

Chris Govaerts COO, Van Dessel

Challenging the status quo and improving the way we’re handling our incoming emails and documents. That’s where Paperbox makes the difference - both from a product as team perspective!

Jonas Danau Product Owner Automation, Belfius

Even during the PoC phase, we have been able to identify dozens of wrongly-paid claims (billed at thousands of euros at our expense). So we already saved a boatload of money before we even started.

Lara Olivetti Operations Director, Reale Mutua

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