There is strength in numbers partners.

Paperbox collaborates with reliable software integrators and experienced partners in the insurance sector, blending advanced technology and deep industry insight to ensure seamless integration and enhanced functionality of our document processing solutions.


Oxygen is an insurance-specialised consultant. With a strong focus on digital transformation and innovation, Oxygen helps us create real value with our customers. Their knowledge of the insurance market and the inner workings of insurance players helps our customers to transform their processes in the most seamless and effective way possible. Combining our technical capabilities and their functional knowledge has brought a lot of value to the Belgian broker landscape.


Arco is our experienced software partner in delivering integrated and digitized document management systems and flows to our customers. Their knowledge in the field helps us deliver our newest innovation into the Belgian insurance market. We've been able to transform the document flows of many Belgian brokers and work together to create the most efficient and integrated solutions.


Deloitte is a distinguished partner, renowned for its extensive expertise in government and financial services industries. Their dedicated teams in the government and Financial Services Industry (FSI) sectors are instrumental in helping us drive transformative and innovative solutions. With a strong focus on strategic advisory and technology integration, Deloitte's insights and experience empower us to deliver cutting-edge services to our clients.

Claim Technology

Claim Technology is a pivotal partner, leading the way in automated claims management solutions. Their innovative approach to claims processing harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance the claims lifecycle, resulting in faster, more efficient service for our clients. Their commitment to revolutionizing the claims process aligns perfectly with our mission to provide superior, technology-driven solutions.