The magic behind Paperbox explained

June 1, 2022Article

Keep Your Confidences In Check So Your Users Don’t Have To

This is the first part of a series of blog posts that covers our mission of making Paperbox the most trustworthy and human-centered AI. This first article focuses on how we use model confidences to fit our client’s wants and needs.

May 31, 2022Article

Intelligent document processing with AI in the insurance Industry

Intelligent document processing with AI in the insurance Industry has been on the rise. OCR and Machine learning have made it possible to process the large amounts of unstructured data the industry has to deal with.

January 31, 2022Whitepaper

Navigating Today's Insurance Industry in Three Simple Steps

How to succeed in today's world? And especially in the insurance industry today. Putting the customer at the heart of your insurance business should be the leitmotif in everything your company undertakes.

January 17, 2022Article

How to Extract a European Accident Statement Form

With Paperbox as a leading Insurance Document Processor, we know how to handle European Accident Statement (EAS) forms. Learn in this article how Paperbox succeeds in processing these documents easier and faster than ever before.