We are Paperbox

Who we are

Our Goal

We envision a future workplace wherein the best of human talent and the power of AI are maximised to their full potential through the Paperbox technology.Our main goal is to help insurance teams work smarter at-scale, to reduce the bottlenecks, errors, and inefficiencies of manual work.

How we do it

Our Culture

We work hard to create a company culture where each individual can thrive and where we truly excel as a team. It’s important to know what you stand for because it gives your organisation direction. At Paperbox.ai, we keep the following values close to our hearts:

People first

There’s no Paperbox.ai without its team, customers and users. We believe you can only take care of others if you focus on taking care of yourself.

Always improve

We’re curious and aim for progress. Try out new things and learn from the past to improve every day.

Build to scale

We aim high and want to grow. That’s why everything we do needs to be scalable.

Distributed ownership

With great power comes great responsibility. We love to give everyone ownership. By doing this, we help each other grow.

How we give back

Our Contribution

We aim high and want to ost of the documents we are processing used to be on paper. As they say, it’s important to remember where you’re coming from - that’s why we aim to plant a tree for every 10.000 documents processed.We joined forces with the Belgian startup Go Forest to create what might become one of the most extensive forests in the world.That’s right: every time you use Paperbox.ai, you help our forest grow.

Our Leadership

As friends and former colleagues passionate about artificial intelligence, we founded Paperbox in 2021 to take the insurance industry to the next level. Paperbox is a spin-off of Skyhaus, a fast-growing global scale-up that aims to solve challenging problems with the help of artificial intelligence.

Frederic Stallaert
Maarten Callaert
Stijn Decubber
Co-Founder & CTO