Inbox intelligence for Insurance Teams

Goodbye manual mailroom madness. Hello swifter, smarter document processing at scale.

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The AI Tool You Need To Transform Your Team's Tempo

From slow as a snail to charging like a cheetah.

Paperbox uses the power of AI to automate the processing of emails and documents from your physical and digital mailboxes. Relieve your team from manual work and leverage on AI to do the repetitive tasks at double the speed and accuracy.

Win big-time on Time, Talent and Traction

Paperbox unloads your team of jobs that slow them down. Your team can focus on tasks that bring more impact, while Paperbox works in the background.

Shorten lead times

Save on operational costs

Spend more time on sales or customer service

How it works

Your invisible helper

Paperbox runs behind-the-scenes so your team can enjoy automation at its finest. The best part? It can handle peak times without a fuss. And it never takes breaks.😉











Streamlined and Simple

So easy to use, like email. Designed with the end-user in mind, Paperbox's interface is simple, straightforward, and streamlined. Any new user would find it easy-to-use, without the need for heavy technical training or complex manuals.

Made for Humans In-the-loop

Maximise human talent. Paperbox will prompt you only when it needs expert eyes to counter-check a case that falls below your pre-set confidence level. This helps close the feedback loop to make even more intelligent.

Enterprise-Ready, Small-Business Friendly

We want to impact insurance teams, big and small. No matter the size, one problem prevails in the industry: It is paperwork-heavy. Paperbox offers a plug-and-play solution with pay-as-you-go options, so your team can finally break-free from manual [paper]work!

Delightfully accessible, Uncompromisingly secure.

Google Cloud
Data Encrypted
Enterprise Ready

Let's unbox the possibilities, shall we?